Thursday, 14 April 2016

(Satire) Problematic tumbleweeds to be expelled from NeoGAF forums

Image credit: ImperfectTommy / Edmond Meinfelder
Tumbleweeds colonising the emptying hallways and deserted echo chambers of the NeoGAF forums will be expelled from the site by moderators, and will not be allowed to re-enter.

The invasive weeds, which are thought to have been introduced to NeoGAF by junior account holders, sympathetic to GamerGate, were seen rolling against the direction of moderator-approved opinion, and therefore contravening the forum's stringent terms and conditions.

A spokesperson for NeoGAF said:

These roving diaspores are sowing the seeds of free thought across the forums. As of today I intend send a clear message that I will not be taken advantage of, or treated as a mark, by sexually assaulting any tumbleweed I encounter.” 

NeoGAF is regarded as the North Korea of gaming websites. The site's 'inclusive forum experience' eugenics program seeks to expel dissident factions, until membership comprises a community of moderators who will breed with each other to produce the next generation of social justice warrior.

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