Thursday, 14 July 2016


This entry marks the 100th post on the MODE 5 blog, which was established in October 2014 to lampoon the grasping and duplicitous social justice movement, who had fixed their sights on the videogaming community probably imagining that it would be an easy target.

The title of the blog dates back to my first computer - a BBC model B micro which came with a whopping 32k of memory. Programming on the BBC was carried out in a series of different modes. MODE 5 produced large blocky pixels and became an expression used by me and my brothers to explain away moments of idiocy, e.g. "I must have been in MODE 5 when I pipetted ice cold water onto that hot light bulb." 

This blog is now closed and there will be no further entries.

I will continue to support GamerGate and its expanded mandate to promote ethical behaviour, not only in the gaming press, but across all media platforms, and in the videogaming industry. However, I have other writing commitments that must take precedence. Also, it has become clear that the likes of Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, Randi Harper, etc, do not need any assistance in making themselves look ridiculous. When Jonathan McIntosh is comfortable sermonising on the similarities between Pokemon Go and dog fighting, you have to accept that your targets have moved themselves beyond the reach of satire. With that in mind, MODE 5 has probably run its course.

At some point I will begin adding a notes to the beginning of each post that explains what was going on at the time and what exactly I was attempting to make fun of. 

I would like to thank anybody who visited this blog and took the time to read it.

If you would like to know more about GamerGate you would do well to visit the DeepFreeze website. This provides a very user-friendly breakdown of the events of the past couple of years and has links to archived sources, including a lot of material that has been deleted from the internet by individuals attempting to cover their tracks.

~ backwards7

(Satire) The casebook of Jonathan McIntosh: Hard-boiled Cultural Detective

This episode: The Gay Greek!

There are a million stories in the naked city. During peak tourist season that number might run as high as 1.5 million. I don't know the exact figure. Go look it up on Wikipedia.

New York in July: The ying and the yang of it, distilled to the hot-pink neon sign of a feminist bookshop reflecting in a cooling puddle of soy latte outside an artisan bakery. I watched from the second floor window as the wheel of a passing unicycle ploughed through the centre of the mirror image, scattering the dancing light to the edges like a shoal of gaily-coloured transexual fish evading the predatory lunge of a Great White cis-gendered shark.

Everything to the north of here was a safe space. Rows of apartment buildings dating back to the Taft presidency, fashioned from play-doh by the beaten-down male allies of a lesbian queefing circle. A fainting couch on every corner. An Olympic-size ball pit where they staged the water events in the 2012 oppression games. The bulls patrolled the area with boxes of kittens and puppies. Some mugg catcalls you in the street - well here's a baby cat for the boo boos on your feels.

Downtown, the ugly face of misogyny pressed itself obscenely against the soiled windows of the soul, like a man projecting his inadequacies onto a display of Barbie Dolls in a toy shop. I've seen things here that would make you turn around on the spot and drag your wheeled suitcase across country, back to your wholefood collective in San Francisco: Men sitting on public transport with their knees three inches apart. Boy scouts as young as eight, holding doors open for women old enough to be their mothers. Hell, some of those clucks might have even been their mothers.

I turned my face away from the Venetian blinds. The dame lounging on the opposite side of the dimly-lit office was wearing the shadows like a tarpaulin draped over a 1970s Volvo. She had a figure like a squat tumbler of water. In the battle of wills between my male gaze and her gams it wasn't clear which one would quit first.

Mr McIntosh, did you ever lose something?”

Sure toots, I've lost plenty.”

For instance...”

My former partner keeps my nads in a jar.”

She raised one painted-on eyebrow in an affected display of surprise. A real Mona Lisa this one.

And where does he keep the jar?”

He was a she, and that ain't a thing for a lady to be asking.”

Oh, I'm no lady. You'll realise that when you get to know me a little better... A lot better if you play your cards right.”

I never was very good at poker.”

And what is your game Mr McIntosh?”

Again with the raised eyebrow.

I've always enjoyed netball.”

You're a smart-mouthed little egg, ain't ya.”

You don't know the half of it doll-face.”

Lost for words, she flung a photograph onto the desk. A good looking blonde. Dark glasses. Hawaiian shirt open at the neck.

My husband, Milo Yiannopoulos. I need you to find him.”

Sure, I knew Milo. Everybody did. The Greek gadfly. Owned a chain of Halal kebab restaurants back in blighty. A preening jasper in public but I'd seen the marriage certificates to Lena Dunham and Jessica Valenti. He played up the gay angle for the press, but behind closed doors Milo was straighter than the creases in Bill Clinton's pyjama bottoms on his wedding night.

When did he last make contact?”

He posted a selfie on Twitter half an hour ago. Then nothing. It's completely out of character... And there's another thing.”

She pulled something hairy from her handbag and tossed it in my direction. I had drawn my revolver and put three slugs into it before it landed on top of the photograph.

It's' his toupee. He left it behind... I'm worried that it might be Tay Tay – I hear that she collects men.”

I returned my gun to its shoulder holster. Standing by the window I prised apart two of the slats in the blind. On the street corner below, a man was spending the extra 23 cents he had made as a result of the gender pay gap on a cronut and a flavoured coffee with whipped cream on top. My father drank cappuccino's with unicorns drawn in the foam his entire life. Thank god that he didn't live to see this.

I'll take the case,” I said. “One hundred a day plus expenses. Five days in advance.”

I counted out five hundred dollars in notes and handed it to her.

I'll be touch miss...”

It's Harper. Randi Harper.”

After she was gone I sat for a while in the darkness watching the ice slowly dissolve in my beaker of apple juice. There were a million stories in the naked city and practically all of them were sexist. Now that I had agreed to take the case there were a million and one.

From across the street the cries of a white, cis-gendered male baby, who had failed to check his privilege, drowned out the voices of the oppressed. 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

(Satire) Studio execs fear that the makers of Star Trek Beyond are not doing enough to insult their potential audience

Fears that the makers of Star Trek Beyond are not doing enough to alienate the film's potential audience have spilled out of the boardroom, and onto the internet, like the ugly bar-room brawl scene that opens Tron 3: The Sisterhood of the Travelling Virtual Pants.

Sony studio head-nodder, and Ghostbusters 2016 executive producer, Chad Anderton Jr, said: “I have yet to see anything in the Star Trek Beyond marketing that is deliberately insulting to fans, or to people who might be curious about the movie. Admittedly the trailers weren't particularly great, almost as if they didn't include the main plot points and the best parts of the film. Clearly that's a mistake rather than anything malicious. Other than the release of the theme song by Rihanna, the thrust of the promotional campaign seems to have been: 'You might enjoy this film if you like Star Trek or science fiction.' What the fuck are these people playing at?

As anyone who had a crush on somebody at school knows, the best way to get them to go out with you is to punch them hard in the shoulder. In terms of the marketing for Ghostbusters, we felt that the best way to build hype for the movie was for its stars to appear on TV chat shows openly ridiculing the critics of the film's trailers as 45 year old, unemployed losers, who live in their parent's basements and have never known the touch of woman.

Nerds form a big part of the audience that the Ghostbusters reboot is aimed at and our market research shows that this demographic responds best to bullying and humiliation."

A leaked email from Sony has revealed that the company is also exploring legal options that might compel individuals who have expressed a reluctance to see Ghostbusters, to attend a cinema screening under the threat of a lawsuit. The email reads:

In order to more fully evaluate our position if members of the public decline to engage with “Ghostbusters”, to panic-buy action figures, or to purchase an extra large tub of slime green popcorn, it has been requested that we identify “aggressive” litigation counsel with whom we can consult to evaluate our alternatives and strategize.”

45 year old shut in Michael J Evans said:

Nothing makes me want to see a film more than when its wealthy and successful cast publicly shame and ridicule the direction that my life has taken, while demanding that I spend the little money that I have on the humiliation of watching their shameless studio cash as an act of redemption for being such a sad loser. I guess that its time to venture upstairs. I hope there is a good exchange rate on Good Boy Points against the dollar.”

Evans added

Maybe the film will be okay. I mean, judging by the trailers, the plot of the original 84 movie is mostly still there. Plus if you squint really hard, Melissa McCarthy kind of looks like Harold Ramis.” 

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

(SATIRE) “Everybody is stupid” claims Sargon of Akkad

Sargon of Akkad, the self-styled Semitic Emperor of the Akkadain Empire, turned moderately-successful YouTuber, has abandoned informed and rational debate in favour of calling everybody an idiot.

Adopting an exasperated rhetorical style of inquiry that is favoured by the parents of five year old children, the usurper to the throne of King Ur-Zababa of Kish asked his critics: “Are you all stupid?”

Sargon demanded that I tell him whether I was 'fucking stupid', indicating his belief that I have ascended to a higher tier of stupidity than is normal,” said Brenda O'Neill, whose speculation on whether the Brexit has set the United Kingdom on a downward course of diminishing wealth and international influence, earned herself the ire of the hipster-bearded captor of the Sumerian King, Lugal-zage-si.

Architect, Tim Otter, was singled out as a “total moron” by the agitated despoiler of the city of Kazalla, after quoting from Lincoln's “A house divided...” speech in his Twitter feed, in a manner that was dismissive of the 'leave' campaign in the EU referendum.

Having prefaced his counter-argument with some personal insults concerning my perceived low level of intelligence, Sargon made some very vague and uninformed comments about putting up supporting walls. It was not clear to me whether he was describing a metaphorical house, or an actual house that he is in the process of building. As a precaution I advise that you do not employ this man to design your home, as it is likely to fall down.”

Responding to Otter, Sargon, the self-anointed priest of the sky father Anu, said: “At least I will be sovereign master over my own mound of British rubble.”

German professor of German, Kyle Youngstedt, has been following Sargon at the 100 metre distance specified in his restraining order (German rationalism has been proven to have a maximum range of 80 metres, even when the wind is favourable). He told MODE 5:

Just as our treacherous bodies willingly take in carbon monoxide that prevents our blood from absorbing oxygen, so too does our burgeoning hubris reduce our capacity for common sense and good judgement. Sargon's decline began with a sexual slur against a pubic figure that was, in a way, reminiscent of the kind of drunken face-saving one does in the company of friends at the pub, after being shut down by an attractive woman.

He may have hoped that the attention this poor choice of words garnered him on social media would broaden his appeal beyond YouTube. In reality all that he did was alienate people outside of his immediate circle who might have previously listened to him, but who have now dismissed him as a crank and have closed the door.

Here we see a man who, by virtue of his own enhanced twattery in front of his mates, has somehow managed to lock himself inside his own home.”

Self-confessed Sargon fan and resident of Stevenage, Kevin Davey, said:

Sargon is a master tactician who plans to increase his popularity further by securing an appearance as a guest on his own rolling YouTube compilation show 'A Week In Stupid,' which is a bit like 'Gogglebox' crossed with 'You've Been Framed'. The channel has a lot of viewers so being featured on it, and subjected to his own world-weary diatribe, is bound to increase his profile.”

Lapsed Sargon supporter and ardent Steely Dan fanatic, Dr Colin Wu, took a more pessimistic view:

For years Sargon has been harvesting salt. It is my considered medical opinion that his long term exposure to it has turned his once superfine mind to corned beef.”

Commenting on his critics, the Mesopotamian despot, whose latter reign was devoted to brutally quashing the rebellious uprisings of kingdoms who had fallen under his undemocratic, iron-fisted rule, said:

I wouldn't rape any of you.” 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

(SATIRE) Zoe Quinn: 'Famous Five' author, Enid Blyton, was a GamerGater

Enid Blyton, the author of the popular 'Famous Five' books, has been exposed as a god-tier shitlord and an avid supporter of the terrorist hate group, GamerGate.

The disturbing claims were made by Zoe Quinn, the teal-haired originator of victimbux – a hyper-inflated virtual currency that has been described by economists as “what might theoretically happen if bitcoin got blind drunk one night and impregnated the Zimbabwean dollar.”

Quinn was spotted yesterday, raving on her Twitter account:

What the fuck did I ever do to you, Blyton, that y'all had to make my suffering into a fucking joke.”

She added that she was tired of being trolled by long-dead celebrity figures from the past who could not be dog-piled by her supporters and hounded off social media.

Blyton, who died in 1968, penned 21 novels in her Famous Five series that followed the bucolic escapades of Julian, Dick, Anne, Georgina, and their dog, Timmy, as they romped across rural England having jolly adventures, foiling the attempts of smugglers to bypass import duty, and picnicking in peach orchards on lashings of hard-boiled eggs and jugs of lemonade.

However, the seemingly innocent books have drawn criticism from those who claim that the title of the series is a blatant reference to Quinn's sexual infidelities with five men, some of whom worked in the videogaming industry and who are alleged to have given her Depression Quest text adventure favourable coverage as a result.

This is in unbelievably poor taste. Blyton obviously had friends living in 2014 who told her about GamerGate. The Famous Five books are a running joke at the expense of Zoe Quinn,” said part-time scarecrow, Brianna Wu.

Others attempted to match the members of the Famous Five with their real-life counterparts:

Clearly Nathan Grayson is Timmy the dog. I suppose Kyle Pulver could be Anne because he kind of looks like he has a vagina. After that it's anybody's guess,” mused based college student Marc Berson.

Miles White, a practising celebrity stalker who works as a Professor of Taylor Swift Studies at the University of Missouri, counselled sympathy for the embattled Quinn:

Zoe made a terrible mistake five times in succession, before attempting to silence her innocent boyfriend using laws that were designed to project the victims of violence from their tormentors. However we must remember that, at the heart of this, there is a troubled young woman for whom the mere exposure to the number five triggers gruesome flashbacks to the sight of Nathan Grayson, naked apart from a satin waistcoat and a steam punk pocket watch. We must remember that, in some nightmare parallel universe, Zoe Quinn could be our daughter.”

Among the cultural phenomenon, that have been cited by Quinn as forming part of a cruel GamerGate in-joke, are:

- The American pop group – The Jackson Five

- The stage musical - Five Guys Named Moe

- The instrumental jazz number - Take Five

- The American teen drama – Party of Five

- The final instalment in Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy - The Battle of Five Armies.

Sprawling human tumour, turned online critic, Movie Bob, said:

If Peter Jackson had handled his shit properly and reduced the number of armies in the film by one, then Zoe Quinn would not have been triggered and the Hobbit trilogy would have been an hour shorter. Only when all references to the number five are removed from our cultural entertainment, and from our maths and science books, will Zoe be able to safely return to the home that she fled from in 2014.”

At the time of going to press the book publisher, Swirly Wren, had announced plans to release a further installment in Blyton's cherished saga, titled: The Famous Five Attend A Mandatory Sexual Consent Class At The University Of York.

Friday, 29 April 2016

(SATIRE) Anti-harassment campaign groups stage inaugural war games

Groups who campaign against online harassment have tested their readiness to battle internet trolls by staging a series of war games.

Forces from three anti-bullying groups took part in the games, deploying tried and tested online harassment techniques against each other in a battle royale.

The early stages of the simulation saw Crash Override Network (CON), headed by General Zoe Quinn, form an alliance with General Randi Harper. CON is rumoured to specialise in carrying out black ops, although next to nothing is known of its activities. Harper's mercenary group has previously taken credit for destabilising the free speech platforms of her ideological opponents. The two joined forces against General Candace Owens, whose SocialAutopsy website aims to build a public database of people who are alleged to have engaged in online harassment, with the end goal of exposing their purported activities to their families and employers.

Organisers of the games told MODE5:

In the past, Generals Harper and Quinn have pitted their armies against the family of a debt collector, an isolated colony of wizards, and an organisation that works to promote opportunities for female videogame designers. The games will assess their preparedness to fight a war against online trolls and harassers, when they finally get around to doing that.”

The early stages of the skirmish saw the Harper/Quinn alliance softening their opponent with psychological warfare techniques, which included tearful phone calls and a good cop/bad cop strategy. They subsequently targeted SocialAutopsy's revenue streams and mobilized civilians into guerrilla cells to carry out “attack and fade” strikes on SA personal.

Critics remarked that SocialAutopsy did not seem to be aware of the existence of the games prior to the beginning of simulated hostilities, and were immediately forced into a defensive position from which they found it difficult to recover.

Susan Silk, who witnessed the battle while taking a short cut home across the internet, told our reporter:

My boy, Daniel, asked me: 'Mummy, who are the goodies and who are the baddies?'

I replied: 'I don't know son, I don't know.'”

Brigadier Colinbury who acted as an adjudicator for the war games noted disturbing failures of intelligence on both sides, resulting in poor decision making. One security breach in the Harper/Quinn tactical command centre saw the two panicked Generals racing to delete classified material before it could be scrutinised by the enemy.

Colinbury added:

There no winners in war, but that statement is even more true in this case. Quinn and Harper are unimaginative tacticians with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer being swung in the direction of a wall and missing. Owens' falls into the category of aspirant benign dictator, unaware of how utterly monstrous her plans for social revolution are. Mutually assured destruction has never been more well-deserved. Now, how about a nice game of chess?”  

Thursday, 14 April 2016

(Satire) Problematic tumbleweeds to be expelled from NeoGAF forums

Image credit: ImperfectTommy / Edmond Meinfelder
Tumbleweeds colonising the emptying hallways and deserted echo chambers of the NeoGAF forums will be expelled from the site by moderators, and will not be allowed to re-enter.

The invasive weeds, which are thought to have been introduced to NeoGAF by junior account holders, sympathetic to GamerGate, were seen rolling against the direction of moderator-approved opinion, and therefore contravening the forum's stringent terms and conditions.

A spokesperson for NeoGAF said:

These roving diaspores are sowing the seeds of free thought across the forums. As of today I intend send a clear message that I will not be taken advantage of, or treated as a mark, by sexually assaulting any tumbleweed I encounter.” 

NeoGAF is regarded as the North Korea of gaming websites. The site's 'inclusive forum experience' eugenics program seeks to expel dissident factions, until membership comprises a community of moderators who will breed with each other to produce the next generation of social justice warrior.

Friday, 1 April 2016

(BLUE PILLED) As of today, former GamerGate blog, MODE 5, will fully support social justice causes. We encourage you all to join us.

Important Announcement: As of today, MODE 5 will no longer support GamerGate. Henceforth we will dedicate these pages to signal-boosting causes and individuals who are sympathetic to the regressive tenets of social justice.

A big part of growing up is making mistakes. Part of maturing into a well-rounded adult is acknowledging these follies of youth and taking positive steps to rectify past problematic behaviour.

Since late 2014, MODE 5 has inexcusably adopted a pro-gamer stance; one that is strongly grounded in promoting ethical standards in the videogaming press, and also in the wider media.

To this end we pandered slavishly to the depraved yearnings of sub-human basement dwellers, living in their own filth and squalor, furtively masturbating into soiled Pokemon socks to pre-rendered images of Lara Croft's buttocks. These devolved, sub-specimens of humanity are so repellent, so morbidly obese, so downright male in their appearance, that when they are found dead in their early 20s, usually by their parents, they have often undergone a form of mummification resulting from the bright orange Doritos seasoning, that forms a large part of their diet, and comes to inhabit every nook and fold of their bare skin.

We erroneously campaigned for those upstanding pillars of our community who work in the videogaming industry (be they journalists, games designers or publishers, or cultural commentators serving on awards panels) to provide disclosure of any conflicts of interests that might lead to the game-buying public being misled.

In doing so we called into question the integrity of honest, decent, hard-working people who had done nothing wrong, and who were just trying to make a living, and entertain us with classic titles such as Sim City (2013) and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

We now accept that, like the old school coin-op arcade, Gauntlet, the gaming community thrives on cooperation. If, as a videogames publisher, you become aware that a journalist on an independent magazine or website (one of the people who is ultimately responsible for writing the positive PR for your games) is struggling to make ends meet, then it is morally imperative that you pay them to have sex.

We unreservedly acknowledge that sometimes giving an attractive young person's career a leg up can entail your penis or your vagina becoming involved. The wheels of the gaming industry are, like any respectable industry, generously lubed with cum.

We wrongly adopted a zero-tolerance stance against those who were barely working on the fringes of videogaming, who downed tools and cried victim for financial gain, while inciting hate-fuelled mobs of their supporters to abuse and intimidate those who they claimed were their harassers.

We over-reacted to Gawker media journalist, Sam Biddle's, call for nerds who supported GamerGate to be bullied and degraded into submission. Biddle was right. Bullying builds character and helps to thin out the population. In hindsight, Gawker were right about everything.

We laughed at the broken timer on Zoe Quinn's website, when we should have just pooled our resources with others in the gaming industry and bought her a new clock as 'feel better' present.

We were active participants on a subreddit called Kotaku In Action which actively supports GamerGate. On this subreddit, MODE 5 staff, to our great shame, registered over 9000 sockpuppet accounts, grossly inflating the number of individuals who appeared to support the GamerGate movement. In fact that number is closer to 300.

So what changed?

An arrow to the knee?

A neutered translation of our website's English articles to make them more likely to gain traction and favourable coverage in foreign markets?

Actually it was none of these things.

Last week I was blue pilled.

My turquoise-haired saviour was a San Francisco girl named Taylor. We were the sole attendees at a Randi Harper-sponsored social justice themed dating seminar, at the SxSW festival in Austin, Texas.

During the eight hour lecture, I learned that my white male gaze is a weapon of rape and cultural appropriation that, unlike the heat vision of the X-Men's Cyclops, can neither be tamed, nor focused, by a visor. The best that I can do is lower my eyes and utter mumbled agreement to any suggestions made by those who are less privileged than myself, which is everyone. I learned to accept Taylor's physical blows and verbal insults with good grace. By surrendering centuries of undeservedly accumulated white, cis-gendered male privilege, I became a better person.

That evening I asked Taylor if she would do me the honour of co-editing MODE 5, as I steered the blog in a social justice oriented direction. I am assured that this will be profitable and result in a considerable boost in traffic.

She refused my offer, insisting on total editorial control.

There was something about this girl who has alienated her wealthy family, has failed to hold down a job for more than a few weeks, and whose university thesis was a deconstruction of the Twilight Saga, that made me want to agree to her demands.

The benefits aren't all one way. Taylor says that if I continue to check my privilege and acquire the second job that will be necessary if I am to keep pace with the punishing donation schedule to her PayPal account, then she may allow me to touch her breast under her T-shirt as early as 2020.

As I have mentioned above, as of April 1st, 2016, MODE 5 will no longer promote GamerGate. Henceforth this website will identify as a pro-social justice blog operating in the Victorian era, albeit with steampunk overtones, and access to contemporary Apple computer products and soy lattes.

Our preferred pronouns are:

  • Egad!”
  • Marm.”
  • Oh, crumbs!”
  • Ms Harriet Foster-Jones (nee Harry Foster) of Belvedere Mews, Mayfair, London.”

We would prefer readers who engage with this site to do so while dressed as characters from the BBC's Downton Abbey, but with mechanical clockwork arms and brass flight goggles.

To ensure that our future articles do not overstep the boundaries of cultural appropriation, our output will be calibrated by a newly-acquired mechanical scale of oppression. The purchase of this device has been subsidised by firing half our journalists and replacing them with wide-eyed unpaid interns and their otherkin. We now stand proudly as one of the few online publications to employ a recovering sex offender who shares their headspace with a forest of panty-sniffing Ents who were banished from Middle Earth by Gandalf The White.

In keeping with our commitment to social justice we have closed the comment section on this post and have pre-emptively blocked you all on Twitter.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

(SATIRE) Gawker's financial future may depend on Denton sex tape

The future of the online media conglomerate, Gawker, could hinge upon an amateur sex video made by senior editorial staff at the company. The drastic solution to the company's financial woes follows a ruling by a Florida court, who judged that Gawker had invaded the wrestler, Hulk Hogan's, privacy when it posted a sex tape that had been filmed without his knowledge. The website was ordered to pay $115million in damages. This sum was later increased by a further $25million in punitive damages.

According to an unnamed source at Gawker:

[Gawker Founder] Nick Denton held a meeting today to discuss Gawker's future. Basically everybody you hate from the internet was together in one room at the same time. All those hours you spent playing Hitman games and you missed your shot guys. Well done.

Anyway, Denton told everyone that the only way the company is going to survive is if senior editorial staff make an amateur sex tape. Once finished the plan is to burn it onto a DVD and then leave it outside Hulk Hogan's house, where he will hopefully find it and put it online.

Gawker can then counter-sue Hogan for the money he won last week. Denton believes that this will bring about a fair and balanced outcome to the case.”

A source who claims to have seen the hastily-filmed sex tape told MODE 5:

It begins with Denton and that effete, waistcoat-wearing fop, Nathan Grayson, who looks even more like a Victorian pervert than normal, cruising the suburbs in a people carrier. Jason Schreier, who is also with them, periodically leans out of one of the passenger windows and asks lone women if they want to party, and of course nobody does.

Eventually they encounter [Former Gawker editor] A.J. Daulerio who is looking for an easy way to pay off his student loan. At this point the action moves to Gawker HQ, which appears to be a motel room.

After that any semblance of plot goes out the window and it's a good old-fashioned, no-holds-barred sausage bang – it's more or less Batman Vs Superman with lower quality special effects and less intentional lens flare. The video budget apparently didn't stretch to lube so its very authentic. Lots of grimacing. Some guy from Lifehacker teaches Sam Biddle a new way of plugging his holes. Kotaku writer and alleged former lover of Zoe Quinn, Nathan Grayson, is assured that girls don't have to be your sexual partners. Girls are over.

At one point Denton asks everybody to stop what they are doing while he makes sure that they are definitely not being filmed. A lawyer hands him a signed affidavit confirming that no cameras are recording the event and the gang bang resumes. It's very artistic.”

A spokesperson for Gawker said:

Nick expects to have this unfortunate Hogan business sorted by the end of the week. After that Gawker can return to servicing journalism the only way it knows how: By trawling the blackest depths of the internet for sex tapes of five year old celebrities, and posting amateur footage of crying drunk girls being sexually molested in bars.” 

Monday, 14 March 2016

(SATIRE) Panic as GamerGate finalises plan to save its progress

( SavePoint: A Discussion on the Gaming Community will take place in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, March 15, 2016, between 3:30pm and 4:30pm. More details can be found here: )

Following 20 months of frenetic, unsecured gameplay, and conspicuous popcorn consumption, GamerGate has finally revealed plans to save its progress.

The save point will be the Texas-based SxSW server, with the upload taking place on Tuesday, 15th March.

Explaining the long-delayed move to back up its data, a spokesperson for GamerGate told MODE 5:

To be honest we've been too caught up in the moment to think about saving. On any given day you could have found us building our 7-figure combo against Gawker Media, causing the company to repeatedly eject showers of gold coins. Or perhaps rescuing an eight year old damsel in distress from a marauding transsexual paedophile, intent on harvesting crotch shots to share with their equally unsavoury online buddies. Or we might have been nimbly ducking under the wild, misguided swings of 'Big Plaid', which is what we are calling Anita Sarkeesian now. Or we could have been timing our jumps to avoid being knocked off balance by the earth tremors that ensue whenever the ape-like Randi Harper pummels the ground with her enormous meaty fists.

So far, it's been a wild wide and we kind of forgot about backing anything up. Plus we are playing on the highest difficulty setting which limits the number of saves you can have.”

Gamergate every-woman and future Olympian, Vivian James, took time out from her punishing Battletoads training schedule to acknowledge GamerGate's L33T status, but questioned whether a save was needed at this point, given the level of resistance:

I put our runaway success down to the low quality opponents we have faced so far, the piss poor enemy A.I, and the predictable, glitchy boss battles. To wit, when the countdown reaches zero in the Zoe Quinn time trial, the clock resets itself, rendering the whole exercise moot. You would have thought they would have pulled their fingers out and fixed that by now.”

James continued:

The only areas where we have performed poorly are those where the game deliberately cheats in order to win. The boss battle with Zoe Quinn takes the form of a text adventure where the options most likely to secure victory are crossed through and greyed-out, and can't be clicked upon. The player is left with no option other than to select unfavourable actions, such as donating 90% of their salary to fund Quinn's undocumented anti-harrassment work, or submitting to her legal team's request for a gagging order.

The battle with Anita Sarkeesian is an unplayable cutscene that you can't interact with, where she always emerges as the victor.

Other parts of the game are inaccessible. So far I have been unable to play the Brianna Wu level, because it hasn't been ported to the PC yet.

Sometimes I get so bored I drag some of my fellow shitlords into a big multiplayer battle. To outsiders, it might look like our community has turned against itself, but really we're just rough-housing and blowing off a little steam.”

The announcement from GamerGate caused alarm on the financial markets with Victims Bucks falling sharply against the Pound and the Euro at the close of trading, and Twitter shares taking another predictable tumble into the abyss.

Meanwhile, popcorn companies have claimed a record surge in sales, with the manufacturers of Butterkist reporting that staff at all levels of the company are being encouraged to make popcorn in their spare time, at home, in order to keep pace with the public demand for the product.

The run up to SavePoint has been met with outcry from the rag-tag band of blue-haired women with underactive thyroids, and cowed bearded men, that comprise the social justice movement.

Didn't we kill GamerGate in October 2014. Srs/ly why are they not dead? #ClearlyPlayingInCheatmode,” wailed HearMeRar_45.

It would be poetic justice if we killed GamerGate right before they saved,” vented John Nonyce.

Saving progress is harASSMENt,” raged GodHelpTheGamerGrrrl, on Twitter.

MODE5 witnessed one protestor holding up a sign that read “GamerGate is hitting me. Pls donate,” while vigorously punching herself with her spare hand.

Another unidentified activist was overheard speculating on whether the memory card containing GamerGate's saved progress could be snatched and doused in a mug full of male tears, in the hope of irrevocably corrupting the data.

One leading anti-GamerGate figure claimed to have used her influence to divert a Texas-bound flight, containing the Breitbart reporter and leading black lives matter activist, Milo Yiannopoulos, to Anchorage, Alaska. 

She told MODE5:

I think that banning the individuals associated with GamerGate from openly debating with supporters and dissenters in a public forum would be a very good way of starting a conversation regarding online harassment. Since that won't happen I would like to assure anyone who is triggered by the prospect of the hour-long panel, that there will be a safe space nearby where you can pet the dog from Nintendo's Duck Hunt. We have dyed his fur blue for the occasion. Just look for the almost empty room with the blue dog in it.”

The SavePoint panel is seen by many as a further blow to the authoritarian social justice movement who are on the backslide as awareness of their beliefs and activities grows among the general public. 

The SJW division tasked with overhauling videogaming has recently lost key figures. Among them, the grand dame of gaming journalism, Leigh Alexander, who, last year, was last exiled into deep space by her employers, and who recently saved over her own progress by accident. Faced with starting again from scratch with no equipment, save for a wooden stick and a boiled leather breastplate, Alexander elected to retire from the industry.

However, others continue to battle on: Magenta-haired goblin, Penny Dreadful, said:

What is absolutely galling to me, is that GamerGate have leveled-up five times today without even trying. Meanwhile I am still struggling to reach level 2. I of course blame the patriarchy.”

Dreadful then stamped her foot so hard that she splintered the floorboards, causing one of her legs to become trapped.  

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

(SATIRE) BREAKING NEWS! Anita Sarkeesian harassed online by Rasputin, Billy the Kid and Blackbeard the Pirate!

Videogaming expert and world-renowned historian, Anita Sarkeesian, was subjected to an onslaught of vicious online abuse from some of the most evil men in history.

This is according to Feminist Frequency – the internet-based organisation founded and run by Sarkeesian.

The website, which analyses the portrayal of women in popular culture, claims that during early March, 2016, Sarkeesian became the target of an orchestrated campaign of harassment, waged primarily over the social media platform Twitter. Her tormentors have been identified as the gunfighter and bandit, Henry McCarty (aka Billy the Kid), the pirate, Edward Teach (better known as Blackbeard) and Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, described in a song by Boney M as “Russia's greatest love machine.”

The harassment is thought to be a response to Sarkeesian's plan to abandon a long delayed and drawn-out series of short films, exploring sexist tropes in videogaming, and to instead focus on a new set of videos that will spotlight successful women who were sidelined by history. Feminist Frequency is currently in the process of raising $200,000 from public donations to ensure that these new films meet the high production standards of the website's previous output.

A spokeshistorian for the site told MODE5:

What Anita endured went beyond mere trolling. These are wicked men, afraid that our films, which celibrate the achievements of strong successful women in history, will undermine and diminish their own notoriety. They are prepared to go to any lengths to silence us.

In one tweet Blackbeard threatened to slice Anita from bow to stern with his hooked hand! Billy the Kid made a veiled threat regarding who would be quicker on the draw, perpetuating the trope of the white male lone gunman. Rasputin sent a series of tweets in Russian that we were unable to understand, but can assume, from his gender, were abusive.

We request that our supporters donate to our fundraiser as a matter of urgency so that we can meet, or better still, exceed our target of $200,000. We believe that if can raise this sum of money these violent and unpleasant trolls will be shamed into silence.”

The spokeshistorian added:

The way things are going at the moment, it can only be a matter of time before Hitler, Professor Moriaty and Darth Vader send us similar threatening messages.”

At the time of going to press none of the accused men could be reached for comment.

A spokesperson for the FBI said: “Given that Blackbeard, Billy The Kid, and Rasputin died violently in 1718, 1881, and 1916, respectively, we do not consider these threats to be credible.” 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

(SATIRE) Retired actress, Emma Watson, unveils “great alternatives to pornography”

Stock footage of railway locomotives entering tunnels and rockets blasting off into space are viable alternatives to hardcore pornography, including, but not limited to, energetic face-sitting, gallons of gracefully-arcing cum, and overweight amateur couples copulating with the same lumpen grace and indifferent vigour as lions humping on the sun-baked plains of the Serengeti. This is according to retired actress Emma Watson.

Addressing the part of the United Nations that isn't busy clearing minefields in war zones or administering life-saving vaccinations, the star of Noah and The Bling Ring said:

We should be creating lots of awesome, great alternatives to pornography.”

The young performer, who recently played the role of the Reverend Iris in an episode of The Vicar of Dibley, plans to set an example by taking a 12 month break from acting.

A sorcerer close to Watson said:

Emma feels the same passion for acting that a lot of people harbour for masturbation. Giving up stage and screen for a year is a great sacrifice on her part and shows how serious she is about changing what gets us off sexually.”

The activities that appear on the UN shortlist of what has been termed 'Pornography Plus' range from shadow puppetry, to rope craft, to making seashell collages.

A press release from the UN said:

We are producing a range of anthropomorphic bone china cat ornaments, dressed up as a variety of different professionals, such as firefighter, doctor, and I.T support worker. When you successfully resist the urge to view pornography you can reward yourself by going out and purchasing one of these charming statuettes. We can see you building up quite a collection!”

Reformed porn connoisseur, Kevin Forbes, recently took advantage of the Watson challenge, exchanging a life of feckless, unfettered wanking for the cloistered hobby of brass rubbing. He told MODE 5:

These days when I rub one out, what I am actually doing is laying down a long sheet of paper on the cold floor of a church vestry, and giving a two-dimensional likeness of St Marjorie of Bath a good going-over with a metallic crayon.”

Regarding the brass of St Marjorie, Forbes added:

You can tell from the folds of her robe that she must have had a really hot body. Before they put her eyes out and burned her at the stake, I mean. I would love to have consensual sexual intercourse with her, in the missionary position, for the sole purpose of procreation.”

Others who have renounced pornography have found an alternative release in spirited supersoaker water fights or obsessive cello playing.

My music teacher is amazed by how quickly I have progressed with the instrument,” says former self-confessed 'four hours a day girl' Jackie Roche.

Stay at home mum, Hannah Burrell, told MODE 5:

Emma Watson is brilliant. I have filled the void left in my life by the removal of anything remotely pornographic, by sitting on top of the washing machine during the spin cycle, and embroidering the names of the twelve disciples of Jesus onto handkerchiefs that I sell to the local Christian bookshop.

While I am doing this I like to imagine one of them taking me roughly from behind and maybe pulling my hair a little, while Jesus watches us doing it.”

As part of Watson's arousal reform program, the UN will issue everyone in the European Union over the age of 12 with a temperance quilt that is designed to smother any carnal desires, and which can double as a portable safe space if pulled over the head.

A spokesperson for the UN said: “From a young age children will be strongly encouraged to keep their legs crossed and their hands outside the quilt at all times.”

The proposed UN measures have drawn both support and condemnation. Human Resources Manager, Hilary Wilson, said:

Pornography is sexist and objectifies women as vessels for sexual pleasure, denigrating them to a pair of boobs and a vagina, and frequently re-purposing their other bodily orifices as supplementary pleasure holes. I don't need pictures and video clips to get off. All I need is my five-speed dildo.”

Others, such as unrepentant 18 year old onanist, Jim Cooke, remain unmoved:

If Emma Watson wants my pornography she can pry it from my cold dead hand and, believe me, I've developed quite a grip. Actually, if she wanted to wrestle me for my porn that would be pretty hot.”

Cooke then excused himself from interview, informing our reporter that he needed some time alone.

MODE 5 approached Feminist Frequency autocrat, Anita Sarkeesian, for comment, but was told that she was indisposed, attempting to catch a glimpse of Batmans' arse in the recently-released Arkham City videogame.

It's become an obsession for her, like proving the existence of the Loch Ness Monster,” said a spokesperson. 

Thursday, 25 February 2016

(SATIRE) Twitter Trust and Safety Council to relocate to the summit of Mount Olympus

The recently convened Twitter Trust and Safety Council will relocate to a multi-million dollar bespoke headquarters on the summit of Mount Olympus, where its members will dine upon naught but ambrosia, and govern the social media platform like a pantheon of old world gods.

News of the inscrutable regulatory body, with the power to 'recalibrate the poor language choices' of the website's 'problematically opinionated' user base, caused flagging Twitter stock to briefly rally on the markets. Potential advertisers were reportedly buoyed by the prospect that their inane hashtags would no longer be co-opted and used to openly ridicule the products and services that they were intended to promote.

A spokesperson for the council said:

While at ground level Twitter may be a conversation, the Trust and Safety Inquisitors will communicate exclusively in arbitrary edicts and Old Testament plagues and smitings.

The time has come for the rank and file site users to know their place, so tiny and insignificant are the minutiae of their lives to us. Those who we banish from the realm that their labours have helped to build, and which we have now lazily usurped, will not be made party to the reasons for their exile. It is not our job to explain ourselves to you. Know only that we are all powerful, that you have angered us, and that you are helpless in the face of our passive-aggressive disapproval.”

The spokesperson added:

Occasionally members of our council will walk among you in disguise. The exception to this rule will be Anita Sarkeesian, who doesn't come down from the mountain for anything less than $20,000, and only then to stiltedly read banal prepared statements, etched into stone tablets by somebody of marginally greater intelligence.”

Rumours suggest that the council plans to reconfigure the standard chronological Twitter feed according to the tenets of the progressive stack, where tweets will be displayed in reverse order of user privilege and white males will be denied posting rights and given 'reader only' access. Under new site terms and conditions, criticism of, and disagreement with, members of the Trust and Safety Council and their friends will be redefined as harassment.

Early casualties of the incipient regime include the blogger Robert Stacy McCain, who was cast into the purgatorial wilderness of Google Circles, where it is reported he has been sentenced to wander for 40 years as penance. Although the reasons for McCain's banishment have not been made public, Twitter scholars surmise that his failure to listen and believe in Sarkeesian, and to nod his head vigorously enough in response to her tweets may have contributed to his fate.

Earlier this year, the digital media dandy and Donald trump groupie, Milo Yiannopoulos was divested of the checkmark that identifies him to other users of Twitter.

As with McCain no reason was given for this removal of privileges. Sources close to Yiannopoulos describe the effect this loss of status has had upon the reporter's mental wellbeing as 'catastrophic':

Since losing his checkmark, Milo no longer recognises his own reflection and will spend hours stranding before a full length mirror transfixed in admiration of the toned, blonde-haired young man before-him. This level of self-absorption is completely out of character.”

An insider at Twitter told MODE 5 that Yiannopoulos's Twitter privileges could be restored if he is willing to perform 12 labours on behalf of the website's fickle and indolent moderation team. These would include slaying the sock-puppet hydra known as GamerGate, and mucking out the soiled web-browser history of the notorious internet edgelord, Sarah Butts, in a single day.

Commenting on the recent changes at Twitter, Dimitris Veggos – a goatherd whose family have raised livestock on the southern slopes of Mount Olympus for centuries - said: “There used to be other gods who lived on the summit of the mountain. They too believed themselves to be immortal and used their powers to torment and toy with the lives of mortal men. You can find what remains of these gods in museums now.”