Thursday, 6 November 2014

SHILL CONSPIRACY: Is Internet Aristocrat's wig made of Twine?

It is a period of civil war. As leading figureheads from Gamergate fall to paranoia and bickering on YouTube, the movement collapses to a more compact form.

Meanwhile, an anonymously posted message on pastebin stands as a stark warning that the greatest threat to Gamergate may yet come from within:

Just a heads-up guys. Evidence has come to light suggesting that Internet Aristocrat's wig is made out of Twine - the same software that Literally Who used to write Depression Quest. Be aware when talking to IA that you may be interacting with a hypertext 'choose your own adventure game' made by someone who has limited programming skills. The only way we will know for sure whether we are dealing with a human being or a game is by 'completing' Internet Aristocrat. So stop arguing and get digging. Put those gaming skills of yours to good use.”

Response to the claim has been varied with some requesting cheats or walk-throughs for Internet Aristocrat, or querying whether it is possible to play the game as Milo in his based form.

Coordinators of Gamergate's corporate pen-pal scheme have urged supporters of the movement to carry on emailing advertisers: “Provide them with interesting details about the town where you live. Tell them what you are doing at the weekend. Think of it as a cultural exchange.”

Others have advised caution pending verification of the claim:

It is a commonly held view in Gamergate that Internet Aristocrat is merely a vessel for the thoughts of the wig, which is possessed by the ghosts of Norfolk's three wisest judges.” said Reddit user Spiderhosiery14. 
On the extreme fringes of Gamergate there have been calls for the “shill hairpiece” to be clapped in irons and paraded through virtual towns, beginning with Animal Crossing.

Commenting on the accusations Internet Aristocrat said:

My wig is woven from human hair that I lovingly harvested from the heads and crotches of the hitch-hikers who inhabit my five chest freezers. To say anything else is a slur against my good name.”

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