Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Social Justice Warriors to take selective vow of silence

Social Justice Warriors to take selective vow of silence

Social justice warriors aligned to the anti-gamergate movement have announced that they will be taking a selective vow of silence.

Speaking via Skype, from behind a 6 inch-thick layer of soundproof glass, a spokesperson said:

Terraforming the internet into a safe space for social justice ideals will be a long and problematic process. 
In the meantime we must accept that our arguments are flimsy at best, unable to withstand even weak attacks from logical debate and academic peer review, or even adhere to the standards of equality that we occasionally remember to espouse in public.

Until such a time that we have neutralised all critical voices, it is imperative that we do not allow our ideology to be sullied by opposing views. Henceforth we pledge to remain selectively silent: While we will continue to lecture at great length on issues of social justice we will no longer respond to questions or debate these issues with critics.

Imagine for a moment the social justice ethos as a printed manifesto. What we are in effect doing is placing this slender pamphlet, along with an acid-free card backing, into a polypropylene bag where it can be preserved in mint condition without being scrutinised, besmirched by fingermarks, or bent out of shape. This is a concept that the misogynerds who comprise Gamergate will never understand.”

The spokesperson went on to describe plans to extend the vow of silence to other parties by process of “ethical gagging”:

In order to hasten the arrival of a social justice utopia we will be pressuring our partners in social media to remove dissenting voices from their platforms. We do not regard this as censorship so much as community management for the common good. Those who disagree with us will given the option of remaining silent before more drastic sanctioning occurs. It goes without mentioning that statements of neutrality will not be tolerated.”

The press conference ended with the spokesperson providing details of their Patreon account, before describing recent incidents of online harassment they had endured. This included being followed on Twitter by someone who had not first gained consent.

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