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Social Justice Warrior false flags now outnumber real flags: A MODE 5 exclusive

For the Gayle family of Brainerd, Minnesota, the home delivery of a brand new American flag is a cherished weekly tradition.

I don't recall how new flag Tuesdays first came about,” says father of three, Gerry Gayle. “I guess it's because I order a new flag online every Saturday morning and it takes a few days for it to arrive here from the National Flag Certification Depot in Oklahoma. On old flag Sundays the entire family takes a leisurely eight-hour drive down to the flag cemetery in Brandon where the flag from the previous week is buried with full military honours.”

Last year Gerry made the difficult decision to break ties with the mom and pop flag brokers that his family has used for three generations:

I found out they were using Chinese cotton in their flags. That kind of soured the milk for me.

We had a family meeting where it was agreed unanimously that, from here-on, we would purchase our flags from a manufacturer located in what we deemed to be the most patriotic American state. In establishing which of the 50 states best deserved this accolade we looked at indicators such as the ratio of bald eagles per person and the number of miracles attributed to sightings of the ghost of Ronald Reagan.”

After much research and discussion, the Gayles elected to buy their American flags from a supplier in South Carolina. However, at the last minute, Gayle vetoed the family vote, and made the unilateral decision to do business with a new flag broker based in San Francisco, California. It was a spur of the moment act that would eventually land him with a criminal record.

They [the San Franciso-based flag brokers] had a great website. On screen it seemed like a really good deal. In retrospect that should have sent alarm bells ringing. I guess that I saw the money I could save and I let that get ahead of common sense.

I ordered the flag on Saturday morning after breakfast as per usual. The money disappeared from my bank account immediately and I noticed that a small, previously unmentioned surcharge had been added to the overall cost, but was happy to let it slide.”

It was only after money had changed hands that Gayle began to run into problems with his broker:

The first flag took several weeks to arrive which meant that we had to keep the old flag around the place for way longer than I was comfortable. I would say that the absolute maximum amount of time that you can keep a flag flying before taking it down and replacing it is a fortnight. I kept this one flying for almost 13 weeks - so long in fact that it was awarded a medal by the National Flag Cemetery for distinguished service and qualified for a basic army pension.

During that time the broker continued to take money from my bank account for seven-day flag deliveries. I attempted to contact them by phone and by email but nobody ever responded.

When the flag finally arrived the certification paperwork seemed to be in order. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Then I opened the packaging and that relief turned to despair”:

Old Glory had undergone a dramatic transformation: Gone was the navy blue canton with its regimented galaxy of 50 stars. Vanished too was the orderly field of red and white furrows. In their place was an obnoxious turquoise background bearing the crudely rendered slogan: “Criticism is rape.”

Was this a genuine American flag? Gerry Gayle took it to a close friend, Kyle Glaspy, for an appraisal. Glaspy's long experience of handling American flags includes a level four classification in flag governance, making him one of only 15 technicians in the United States who are qualified to operate flags whose area exceeds 40 square feet.

Glaspy examined the flag and confirmed his friend's suspicions:

Overall the workmanship was poor. The corners weren't precisely right-angled and the material had ragged edges, as if it had been cut by hand using blunt flag shears or, even worse, with a pair of scissors. There were no eyelets on the top or bottom left-hand corners of the flag to accommodate the snap hooks that would facilitate attachment to the halyard.”

Kyle and I were both uncomfortable with the overlying message of the flag,” says Gayle.

I guess America has to move with the times, and far be it from me to stall the march of progress. But the tone seemed like a blatant and unconscionable attack on free speech and therefore counter to the first amendment of the U.S. constitution.”

Following the completion of his inspection Glaspy broke the news to his friend: He had fallen victim to a false flag scam:

To the layman these false flags can appeared real. Closer inspection you will usually reveal that they embody a set of values very different to those laid down by our great nation's founding fathers, and by the mélange of stateless corporate interests that continue to mould contemporary America.”

The rise in the number of false flags has increased dramatically over the past decade. This upsurge has been driven in part by the growth of the Social Justice movement who use false flags as a means of generating revenue to fund their paramilitary operations both at home and abroad. A proportion of the income produced is put towards the purchase of the chemicals necessary to create a blue pill that turns body hair an obnoxious turquoise colour when ingested, while diminishing powers of logic, empathy and rationality and occasionally causing weight gain.

So why don't the Social Justice Activists go legitimate and produce flags that meet the burgeoning public demand for the good old Stars and Stripes? Glaspy thinks that he knows the answer:

My guess is that they lack the talent, the skill-set or the dedication to produce quality American flags. All they can create are these turquoise monstrosities”

He holds up a recent example, this one bearing the slogan:

The damsel in distress trope that currently forms the dominant paradigm in contemporary gaming culture is misogynistic and problematic.”

You can't imagine anybody wanting to salute that on Veterans Day.”

The story of Gerry Gayle's false flag does not have a happy ending:

Since we couldn't use the flag for its intended purpose we decided that we would use it as a tablecloth on Thanksgiving,” he says.

Unfortunately for the Gayles a passing sheriff spotted the cloth through the window of their front room and notified the FBI. Hours later law enforcement officers from five separate agencies stormed the Gayle family home. Gerry Gayle was charged with deployment of an illegal tablecloth – an activity classified as an act of domestic terrorism. He was arrested and taken to jail where he was to spend the next four months.

The proportions and dimensions of the false flag made it inappropriate for use as a tablecloth under current U.S. law,” says Agent Wendy Ross of the FBI homeware division. “Sure you can use it as a tablecloth, in Castro's Cuba maybe, where that kind of thing flies. In America we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Gerry Gayle broke the rules and that's why he went to jail.”

Following a local campaign Gayle's seven year prison sentence was commuted to a 200 hour community service order that saw him picking up trash on Minnesota State Highway 371. He has been banned for life from owning tablecloths and, most humiliating of all, was made to present himself in person at all kitchen and homeware goods stores within a 60 mile radius of his place of residence and inform the management of his criminal status.

My daddy almost went to prison for seven years. It was scary,” says his youngest daughter, Elaine.

At the time of press Gerry Gayle's ongoing woes were far from over:

On paper it's illegal for me to retain possession of the false flag but I can't legally dispose of it either. There's a lot of paperwork that needs to be filled in and a lot fences to hurdle before it can be legally burnt. In the interim no one will provide storage so I'm having to keep it on my property, which is in violation of my probation order. My home could be raided and I could be arrested and sent back to jail at any time.”

Does he have a message that he would like to share with other American flag buyers?

I would urge all patriotic Americans to think very carefully when selecting a flag broker. Do some research into who exactly is selling you the flag. Ask yourselves: who am I dealing with? Do they have a track record for honesty? Are they trustworthy? Are they in the flag business for the love of their country, or are there other less noble motivations in play?”

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