Wednesday, 21 October 2015

(SATIRE) A day in the life of Sockeesian: The social justice sock puppet

1. Staying up to date with the latest problematic trends in videogames is a seven day a week job for Sockeesian, who is pictured below researching masculine tropes from 2001 for a forthcoming YouTube video.

2. Acting on instructions from her colleague (a sentient male sporting undergarment named Jockintosh) Sockeesian has neutralised the fun element in this game of Screwball Scramble by removing the ball-bearing required to play.


3. Sockeesian strikes a blow against the dark side: "You shall not pedal your toxic hate speech on this university campus, you Sith-gendered oppressor! The force is non-consensual." 


4. Sockeesian is aghast at the prevalence of white cis-gengered male buccaneers populating this pirate board game. 


5. Sockeesian despairs at the hetero-normative pink and blue gender stereotyping in this so-called 'Game of Life'. 


6. Sockeesian is incensed by Ghost Castle and its graphic depictions of supernatural axe-based violence against women. 


7. Sockeesian reclines on her chaise lounge after another hard day at the social justice coal face. Hey, save some Wine Society champagne for us!

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